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Fast Wireless Charger U8 Q1 Charging Seat


Product Type U8 Wireless Charger
Input Parameter 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A QC
Output Voltage 5V/9V
Max Efficiency 80%
Output Current 1100mAh
Output Power 10W
Product Size 160x116x14mm
Charging Distance ≤8mm
Working Frequency 110-205 KHz
Wireless Charging Agreement WPC 1.2 Standard

Product Features


Standby: Red light is always on.

Charging: Identify receiving then the blue breathing light turns on for 1 minute and then goes off

Full: Red light is always on.

Foreign body / overheating protection: Blue and red light flashed quickly.


Please use a qualified QC2.0 power adapter; otherwise it may cause the charge to be unstable. The input current should not be less than 2A to keep high energy efficiency.

Please take off your phone once the job done.

Do not put metal debris or magnetic card on the charging board, may cause damage to the charger or abnormal.

To improve charging efficiency, please remove the protective case from your phone during charging (Not including wireless charging receiver case).

Please use the USB charging cable in package or original cable for charging.

The use of the process it the receiving coil or the launch plate overheating lead to stop charging, please remove the charging device, to be cooled, try to recharge.

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